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Why I Can’t Use X-Theme Anymore! | RBlaneBusiness.co.uk

So today I log in to WordPress and find that the Front-End builder (Cornerstone) that I have been using for the last year with X-Theme has just had the biggest update I have ever seen. In fact its the only update that has even been noticeable.


Initially I thought X was broke again, as I’ve had so many problems with it. I’ve had incompatible Plugins. I’ve had it where Cornerstone has just gone completely. I’ve had issues with the basics like setting up the size of containers and the lack of styling options drove me mad.

It has been so bad I have been looking for alternatives and I have found what I think is the mother of all WordPress Themes. It’s called Divi from Elegant Themes.

So today I  logged in to write this post telling you how bad X-Theme is and its changed!

Talk about bad timing!

OK regardless of this update the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes is still well better. There’s no question. It’s not even close!  And I will still be building all my new sites with Divi.

There’s 2 mains reasons Divi is better. First the Front end builder they use is the Easiest, Quickest and most Functional builder currently available. Second reason is that you can use it on all your websites. Most themes (including X) only allow you to install the theme on one site at a time by using a product key and a domain registration.

But… Credit where credit is due. The new Cornerstone editor is better (it couldn’t have been worse). I had only stuck with it for so long for these 3 reasons.

1 – I’d paid for it, and I like to get my moneys worth!

2 – Despite being a terrible builder X-theme is packaged with some very good Plugins which I wanted to use.

3 – I didn’t realize how bad Cornerstone was until I saw the Divi Theme. So it is better than before! We now we have some of the basic styling options that should have been there from day one. Options that most FREE themes even had! So thanks for that.

But for now I am going to persevere with X and Cornerstone on this site as it’s quite a lot of work switching it now and I need to use more than 1 builder to broaden my knowledge and experience and to highlight the various pro’s and cons.

The new site I am soon to start work on will most defiantly be built on the Divi theme but for now I will stick with the X Theme and Cornerstone but if the bugs remain this site will be swapped over to Divi too.

Update.  I found the update to Cornerstone to be even less useable than the original version and as we speak I am rebuilding this site using the Divi Theme.

I’m so please I changed and I hope you agree that this site looks better.  It is certainly a lot easier to use and more customisable.  I love it.

I’ve actually just had to do an update for both the theme and the builder plugin software and that was a doddle:)

And thats not the only change!  As I said when I first started this project “I will learn as I go”.  Well I am!  I have also had to change my webhost. 

You must read the post ‘Picking the right Web Hosting‘ which I am soon to write.  Please don’t miss it.  The mistakes I have made will save you weeks of pointless work and money too.

You can try the Divi Theme FREE of Charge. If you do buy it you can use it on as many Websites as you like.  One year unlimited access will cost you $89 (about £63) or you can get Life Time Access for $249 (about £188). Also they offer a 30 money back guarentee and if you go for the year option you can upgrade to Life Time Access anytime in the year and only pay the differance. 

It may sound expensive but it’s not. You can get such good results in such a short space of time and if you think what a site like this would have cost from a Web-Developer!? If your intrested in the Divi Theme plaese use this affilite link. It won’t cost you any more and you could be my first referal and see how it would help my earnings.