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Testing Testing 1,2,3….. | RBlaneBusiness.co.uk

Is there anyone there?  I’m sure that at this point I’m still pretty much talking to myself, but that’s fine as it gives me some time to build up some good content and get this site formatted the way I want.

Basically I would like to use the site to document my plans and daily progress – My To Do List!

From My To Do List I will feature any of the tasks that will be useful and create a blog post or a YouTube Video. Where possible I will explain what, why and how I do what I do. I will encourage user/reader participation and discussion.

I have set myself some high targets in terms of productivity because you have to be disciplined.  When working from home with no Boss, it is very easy to put things off or to become lazy, complacent or unfocused.  See “How to Get Thing’s Done Working from Home!”

My daily targets will be tough to achieve as I have commitments aside from this project.  Things that I won’t go in to, but you all know what I’m talking about; Kids, life issues, appointments and daily undertakings – we all have them!  Add to this the fact that I’m not the brightest guy you’ve ever met.  I’m a slow typer, I’m useless at speaking and even worse at making YouTube videos. Also, I will be learning most of what I need to know, as I go.

On the plus side – I find this work really interesting and very rewarding when it works.  My motivation comes from my family. I want to be able to stop worrying about money and the lack of time and be able to enjoy my life and travel.  There’s so much I want to do and at 41 I don’t want to waste another 25 years.  Working for a company that pays so little I can barely pay the bills let alone enjoy my life, not that I would have time as I’d have to work 50 hours a week just to scrape by. I’ve been there and done that got the t-shirt.

I am so ready to take this risk and do this thing and you can too. Check my FREE Guide for anyone to earn money with out working for it!

Your job right now working for a company generates profit for the owners and share-holders of the company – not you!

They are the 1%  They don’t need to work to earn money.  It’s Time to Join the 1%