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Projects | RBlaneBusiness.co.uk

My Projects


This is a shopping review site currently featuring Amazon products.

The site is monetised by using affiliate links supplied through the Amazon Associates Program.

Promoted through Videos on YouTube and Social Media.

The Plan

– I hope to add 500 new Facebook friends each week to increase potential traffic and views to posts

– I plan to add 3 new top 5 pages every week with around 15 new YouTube video reviews (Weekly – one video for each product).

– Much greater emphasis on YouTube and Google SEO

– Competitions and giveaways when site start paying for its self

– Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram posts must start soon.

– Build on the email list. Use surveys to find intrest then use email to send out alerts targeted to subscribers intrests


GetaVPN.co.uk   Preview

This site has not been worked on yet. The domain was bought at the start of September. I have been testing as many VPN’s as I can since then. I have in the last few days signed up for the affiliate programs with the ones I have found to be the best.

The Plan

– The site design, layout and feel will be planned on paper first.

– I may use a web designer for this one due to speed and to see the deference it can make to my home-made efforts.

– I want it up and running by then 7th of November.

– I will test an adwords campaign to promote.

– I will also use targeted facebook advertising to get likes on my facebook page – aimed at Kodi users and downloaders.

– I may even try a radio ad campaign in the New Year.

– Youtube videos to show how each can work on different devices. Reviews and comparisums.


GetaWWW.co.uk     Coming soon!

Bought this domain at the same time as I got GetaVPN.co.uk Same MO here – not started this project yet either.

I already have experiance using sites from Go-Daddy, iPage, 1&1 Internet and Blue Host. I will speak to people that know.

I may clone the VPN site and just change the content as I imagine that they will be structured in the same way.

The Plan

– Up and running by the end of November

– Again YouTube but from a few different angles. I will show people how to build a simple one page website in order to get an Amazon affiliate account using a host that I’m affiliated with.

– Also review and install videos.


Pet Services – website – In under 7 days

I have promised someone that I will do them a quick and basic local website to advertise their services.

I will design, build and maintain the site for them provided they pay for it and allow me to place my Affiliate banners on it and I will have a few pages with Amazon products and one or two carefully placed adsense ads.

If possible we would like to charge related local business for placement ads or exchange direct links to each others sites.

This site will be promoted by the client mainly on her Facebook page and a run of leaflets, business cards and car advertising. Also local SEO, yell.com, google maps etc.

I will be encouraging you to take part in the 7 day challenge to get a site up and running in under 7 days and for it to generate income within a month.


Top Secret – iPhone, Android and Web App

My GF has her own small local business and we have talked about expensing. By using tech we may be able to automate what has been a time consuming and hands on operation.

I will as promised reveal the details but not until this one is up and running as this will be a first to market winner situation.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

2018 – This is next years big plan.

It’s about finding products that sell well but don’t have too much cometition and where the competitions description sucks.  Improve the description or add other items to make a bundle that no one else is offering.

That’ll do for starters.  I’m sure we can add to this as we go!

Please go check out thetop5.co.uk – Have a good look round.

The site was built with a FREE theme called Ultra from Themify. 

It’s the best FREE Theme I’ve found and you can download it here.