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RBlaneBusiness.co.uk – Page 2 – Is it possible to make a good living working from home?

My Web Hosting Package

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My WordPress Theme

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I Fired My Boss!

Hi! Hello! Welcome to a New Blog!   I’m Richard, 41 and live in Lancashire, England.

A few months ago I accidentally made some money from YouTube, after a video I did somehow got over 100,000 views.  I was then approached by an affiliate marking company who told me to apply for their program as I could make money just by adding a link in the description of my video. So I did, and they were right! Easiest money I ever made – and thats what gtot me interested in Affiliate marketing!

This affiliate still pays me $300 – $400 every month. My plan is to scale this up.  Simple!

In this blog I will reveal all my projects and the results.  What works and what fails! Together we will learn about Affiliate Programs, SEO, Email Marketing and so much more.

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Don't Regret the things you tried. Regret the chances you missed!

Creating a YouTube Channel

Every Website or new project you do, will almost certainly need its own YouTube Channel. YouTube is the second most used Website on the internet after only Google it’s self.   It is also a Search engine and it is easier and quicker to rank on YouTube than it is to...

Why I Can’t Use X-Theme Anymore!

So today I log in to WordPress and find that the Front-End builder (Cornerstone) that I have been using for the last year with X-Theme has just had the biggest update I have ever seen. In fact its the only update that has even been noticeable.   Initially I...

Join the 1%

99% of People Earn a Wage Each Month Selling Their Time For Money!   There are 2 big problems with Having a Job!   Number 1 –  Because 99% of people make a living by having a job (selling their time for money) the market is saturated and with the global...