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Make a YouTube SUBSCRIBE Direct Link | RBlaneBusiness.co.uk

There are loads of reasons why you will want to have a Direct Link to your YouTube Subscribe page.


I want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to subscribe to my channels from anywhere.


For example check these links and please subscribe while you are there:

Visit RBlaneBusiness on YouTube or Subscribe  

Visit TheTop5.co.uk  on YouTube or Subscribe

Did you spot the big difference between the Visit and the Subscribe links?

On rblanebusiness the subscribe link is direct link whereas the visit links open in new tabs.  With TheTop5 it is reversed.  Which gets best results?  I have no idea but by setting them up differently we can split test them for a short period of time and then after analysing the results we can change both to the method that gets the most subscribes.

To create a Direct Subscribe link go to your YouTube channel and copy the URL.

eg.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjxlMEQWm3udn1Nnx9JcEKA

Then add   ?sub_confirmation=1

So the full link: