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I Fired My Boss!! | RBlaneBusiness.co.uk

Hi! Hello! Welcome to my New Blog!   I’m Richard, 41 and live in Lancashire, England.

A few months ago I accidentally made some money from YouTube, after a video I did some how got over 100,000 views.  I was then approached by an affiliate marking company who told me to apply for their program as I could make money just by adding a link in the description of my video. So I did, and they were right! Easiest money I ever made – and that’s what got me interested in affiliate marketing!

Since leaving school in 95 I have always worked in Retail Management running Shops, Supermarkets, Petrol Stations and Pubs but the truth is, I always begrudged working like a slave for as little as my employers could get away with paying me.  In fact the poor wages started to annoy me that much towards the end that made me want to do as little work as I could get away with. This felt like a no win situation and time never stops ticking.

A saying a heard somewhere, really stuck in my head. “If you pay peanuts you get get monkeys”!  I’m not lazy. I’ve always worked very hard but you reach a point where enough is enough. What’s the point of working 6 days a week and on call 365 if you can’t afford a reasonable standard of living and time to see your family and live a little?

So after a very small taste of what could be, I quit my crappy job at the end of July. Considering how much I had prioritised my job, for so long, it actually wasn’t that hard to do! Probably part of my on-going Mid-Life crisis which started about four years ago when I was 37 with a younger Girl Friend, a flurry of holidays and of course sky diving!

I will do whatever it takes to reach my end goal – which for me is financial freedom, location freedom and excitement.  I don’t want to have to sell my time for shitty pay, a cheap uniform, an employee handbook and the lack of security and satisfaction you get work for a company who’s motto is nobody is irreplaceable.

This Choice I’ve taken isn’t for everyone. You have to be mentally strong. You have to be prepared to put the work in and learn something new everyday. You’ve got to accept there will be days where you don’t earn a penny but you have to keep going.

I have very little actual experience or knowledge but I have lots of ideas and determination. I believe with the power of the internet behind me, it’s possible to learn everything I need as I go.  Admittedly most nights I go to sleeping thinking about traffic, views, followers, subscribers, likes and clicks; but I love it. I cant wait to get up most days to try everything I’ve been thinking about.

I get the ‘Holly Shit’ moments when I think about how much there is to to, how much I need to learn and how am I going to earn any money. Oh crap here we go go again…. How will I even get anyone to read this Blog.  Self doubt is a bitch and gets us all but after a 5 minute break I’m raring to go again.

Have a look a some of my ideas below, and please come with me on this journey, as I document in this blog all my efforts. I will disclose all my projects with details. So if you have been thinking about Firing your Boss this may give you a better idea of how it may go. I will even publish my earnings from every channel. Please Subscribe for email update alerts and get in touch on social media (links to the right). Thanks!

I Fired my Boss and here’s what happens next…..