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$$$'S August 2017

$$$'s September 2017


+/- Percent on Last Month

YouTube Partner Program

Ad Revenue and The One I Really Like

My Channels

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TheTop5.co.uk  YouTube Channel – Subscribe Here! – Views 197


This months Earnings – Nil

I really am starting from scratch just like most of you guys.  Yes I have had some success before but none of that matters now as we all start from zero.  TheTop5 channel above has to date been a bit of a test for me (not great quality stuff, not many views and not many uploads).  I hope that in the next few weeks we can make some good progress. This week I will have the RBlaneBusiness Channel up and running and there will be channels for all my other projects too.

YouTube for most of us will be a slow burn. Subscribers are hard to come by and then you need 10,000 views now before you can even monitise you videos.  It is hard work producing content other people want to watch. Filming can be demanding and editing is really time consuming but the rewards when you get it right can be huge!


What are the 2 main ways to make money on YouTube?

  • The YouTube Partner Program – YouTube shares it’s advertising revenue with it’s content creators. Getting started is fairly easy.  You will need an Adsense Account and you also have to sign in to YouTube and Create a YouTube Channel.  See our Blog Post – ‘Creating a YouTube Channel‘.
  • The One I Really Like is Sales Funnels. Affiliate Links in the the video description with offers related to your content or you can just use Amazon Links like Casey Neistat. However here I am only going to record the Ad Revenue.


How much can you make on YouTube?

From just a few pence to Thousands of £$£$£ every month.  As a rough guide you will get about $1 for each 1000 views.  It may not seam like much but if you make a video about lets say ‘Making Doughnuts’ and it gets about 1000 views a day – everyday!!!  Thats over $300 a year for half a days work that you did once and it keeps earning you money everyday for months or years…..  That’s not too bad.  The only question is how much do you want to earn and how many videos are you going to make?  If you get this one right, this can be a truly passive source of income. The amount you get paid will depend on how many views you get each month.

So how much can a popular YouTuber like Casey Neistat earn?   Well n the last 4 weeks Mr Neistat has uploaded 13 videos which have over 32m views between them.  So at $1 per 1000 views that’s $32,000 for Casey. At that rate he would earn over $384,000.00 a year.  That doesn’t include the one I really like which is the affiliate links in his description or the kick backs he gets from the many brands he features or the numerous public speaking gigs he picks up as a direct result of this channel.  What I’m trying to say is that Youtube can be MASSIVE.


How can you get more YouTube Views?

There are many factors including: Creating great content, engagement (that’s the likes, shares and comments), Subscribers,  the countries that view your content and YouTube SEO.  See Our Blog Post:  5 Simply Rules to get more YouTube Views.


What works best?

  • You have to find a niche (something you know about and enjoy taking about).
  • You have to upload regularly (ideally the same time on the same day/s each week).
  • The have to engage with the viewers. Reply to comments, be active on social media ask their opinions and listen.
  • You have to have good sound and picture quality.
  • You have to deliver on what you promise in the title.
  • You have to deliver your message in an interesting, enthusiastic and simple to understand way.
  • Do not waste time – they will turn off before you even get to say anything.


Future Plans?

I plan to start a new channel this week for the blog.  Then I will start new channels for each new project I do.  I have seen the power of YouTube and I would not want to start a project without it’s help.


Whats New This Month?

I’ve just realised that I have 2 channels for the same website.  Whata mistakea to makea! It must have happened by being signed in to the wrong email account at the time of upload.  So tonight to avoid confusion and sort things out I am going to re-upload the affect videos to the right channel. I don’t think I will make that mistake again. Update – Ok thats done!


Monthly Variations?


No Income generated.

Unfortunately these videos were uploaded to the wrong channel and all need to be re-uploaded.

Always check you’re signed in on the right account!