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IPVanish | RBlaneBusiness.co.uk

$$$'S August 2017

$$$'s September 2017


+/- Percent on Last Month

Affiliate Grove (IPVanish VPN)

Recurring Payments 30% - 100%
  • Why do people buy IPVanish?
  • More and more people are taking internet security and privacy seriously.  A VPN encrypts all the data sent over the internet making internet banking and password protection much safer. Users of Public Wi-Fi are particularly vulnerable to hackers, phishing and identity theft. IPVanish can be used on Computers, Laptops, Mobile/Cell Phones, Tablets and at Router Level.
  • In the UK the government collects all web history even from mobile operators and in the US the ISP’s can sell user data to anyone. Many people feel this breaks a fundamental right to privacy. VPN’s like IPVanish route connections though a server before on to the intended destination. The only data that gets logged is the first server and nothing else – Privacy Restored!
  • In both the UK & US the popularity of Kodi and online streaming sites has created further demand to protect streamers from Copyright restrictions and also to by-pass Geo-Locked content. For example IPVanish would allow a user in the US to route through a UK server and therefore easily access BBC iPlayer content.
  • Who is my target Customer?
  • Anyone that uses the internet.  Particularly people want to protect their security, privacy and identity. People that travel a lot, work or have homes in other countries or people that use public WiFi Hotspots.  Streamers and schemers.
  • How am I promoting my affiliate link?
  • I have made a few YouTube Videos like this oneTheTop5 VPN’s page and a few maybe 3 or 4 posts on Facebook. About half my income from IPVanish is from Recurring Sales which has required no further work.
  • Work works best?
  • In the past I have used email marketing with good results, but I like YouTube videos as they can provide a steady flow of traffic for many years.
  • Future Plans?
  • Now, as I build multiple projects I now need to start to create tracked affiliate links and use different links on different projects so that I can monitor what is working best for me.  My next project GetaVPN.co.uk will hopefully increase sales in a big way.
  • Monthly Variations?
  • August – $333.55  September was up 35%  This could be due to the comparison page I did on https://thetop5.co.uk/the-top-5-vpns/ or links posted on Facebook selling pages targeted at Kodi users.