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Amazon | RBlaneBusiness.co.uk

£££'S August 2017

£££'s September 2017


+/- Percent on Last Month

Amazon Associates

Affiliate Marketing

This months Earnings – £2.25

How I advertise Amazon Products

All the products on thetop5.co.uk are linked up to Amazon.  Plus all the videos have links in the description and I have a few random videos like the one in the button above:

I have also posted 1 or 2 of the videos to social media.

The 3 main ways to make money from Amazon?

  • Share links on Social media
  • Amazon Affiliate links in YouTube Videos
  • Website Links

How much can you make with Amazon?

I’ve never made a lot.  I have heard some bloggers talking about a few hundred dollars a month which would be nice.  Again its all down to traffic and exposure. Great content on a regular basis could lead to becoming an authority figure in your chosen niche.  Earn a large following of fans and they will hang on your every word.  Now for most people that’s never going to happen.  We’re talking about getting to internet celebrity status here.  I would be happy if I can build my Amazon earnings up to £100 a month by this time next year.

Future Plans?

At least 2 new top five pages per week which means 10 new YouTube videos.  Thats 500 videos a year all with Amazon Affiliate links! Even if each video only gets 100 a year (which is a very low figure) thats still 50,000 views.  About 2% may click on your links.  Thats 1000 clicks and they dont need to the product your advertising!  If they buy any product from Amazon you can still get a small cut of the sale. Between 0-10%

I am going to try to build up a social media following for TheTop5 as well.  To start with a will join lots of large buying and selling groups on Facebook and post each video there alone with the website details.

Whats New This Month?

TheTop5.co.uk is a new project and so there are no previous results and still not much content.  Getting a project started is always the hardest thing to do.  Once started and there is a plan in place is just a case of building and keeping going

Monthly Variations?


I’ve still a lot to learn about Amazon Associates 

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