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Adsense | RBlaneBusiness.co.uk

$$$'S August 2017

£££'s September 2017


+/- Percent on Last Month

Google Adsense

Pay Per Click Advertising Revenue

Progress to Date

So far I have only put a few blocks on a few pages on TheTop5.co.uk


This months Earnings – Nil (again)

Well that’s where we all start and to be honest I’m not expecting a big improvement next month either.  As I write this its the 24th Oct and I have not done any work on the top 5 at all this month due to get this blog started.

What the key to earning good money with Adsence?

  • Traffic – If you don’t have many visitors you won’t get many clicks
  • Testing – Ad placement is also very important.

I will provide more details next month when I get properly up and running.

How much can you make with Adsence?

Adsense can actually be very good money. From just 1p per click right the way up to £1 or £2 per click, depending on the niche you have and the type of customer you have visiting.

Whats important for maximisim Adsense income?

  • You first need to have great content on your site to attract the traffic to start with.
  • Then comes the Ad integration.  Different styles work on different site but I like a mix of blended text ads with bold and catchy animated banner ads.
  • Testing different types of ads in different places plays a very import part.

Future Plans?

By this time next month I hope to have GetaVPN.co.uk up and running and much more traffic on both this site and TheTop5.co.uk to start with.  I really want this site to stay looking professional and therefore I will not be covering the site in tacky ad’s all over the place but I will have one or two blocks of ads on each page as much for testing as anything.

With Adsense you can create different campaigns and give each block a unique identifier so that you can see in the stats which blocks are performing best.  I hope to look in detail at the back-end of Adsense to maximise income


Whats New This Month?

Just the ads on TheTop5.co.uk please feel free to go check them out.  Click on them. Tell me what you think about their placement.  Are there too many or not enough.

Monthly Variations?

No change this month as I’m just starting.  This will depend on traffic so much.

I need to explain that last year I had a website that I had to shut down in April this year. Thats why this time last year I had earnings of £22 and why I have a balance of £53. 

YouTube payments also go into your Adsense account – I will keep them separate!