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Creating a YouTube Channel | RBlaneBusiness.co.uk

Every Website or new project you do, will almost certainly need its own YouTube Channel.

YouTube is the second most used Website on the internet after only Google it’s self.   It is also a Search engine and it is easier and quicker to rank on YouTube than it is to rank on Google so it’s a great place to get started.

First you will need to have an email address.  I always try to get my site name on gmail.  Gmail is easy to configure and works on every device with no real setup.

If you don’t have a Gmail Email get it now.

Next and even before you go to Youtube you need some channel art.  There are lots of good website that can help you design something really nice like FotorAdobe Spark and Canva. But all these sites are trying to sell you something and offer limited functionality until you pay.

If you know of one that is good that doesn’t charge please let me know. 

Personally I prefer to use Paint.   What you have to remember is that you art work will look different on different devices and to help with this YouTube have provided a template.


This is the YouTube Artwork Template with all the correct sizes in pixels. Just click to enlarge!

A quick video of how to easily create your YouTube Channel Art work just using Microsoft Paint.